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TV-Browser is a program that will allow users to view TV listings. This free program will let you choose the channels in which you are interested, and then it will download the TV listings for those channels. This way you will be able to know which programs will be aired on your favorite channels, and when, and choose the ones you want to view.

When you see the whole listing you can choose to view more information about a given program by double-clicking on an entry. TV-Browser will then open another window, displaying details over that program, such as its genre, description, production date, website, custom information, program duration, start and end time and net playing time. You have can mark any program as your favorite one. This way, TV-Browser will include that TV show onto the list that you can see when clicking on the "Manage Favorites" tab. By default, every entry about that same program will also appear on the "Reminders" list, and you will hear an alarm some minutes before the beginning of the program.

This program is a nice tool for TV viewers who want to know exactly when their favorite programs will be broadcasted.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It will show you complete lists of the programs that will be broadcasted on your favorite channels


  • As this program uses online services to get the information it displays, it is only useful to view the listings from some countries in Europe and North America. It is not possible to use it with channels of the rest of the world
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